Who Do You Need to Forgive? – Letting Go to Let the Good Stuff In

I’m not a religious person, but I have recently found out about the importance of forgiveness in my life. I had a situation that was blocking a lot of good stuff in my life and I traced it back to this situation, with this person, and I realised that to be able to move forward, I had to forgive. MY, that made me grind my teeth.

Why should I forgive? I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s all their fault…

OK… stop. Sometimes we have to realise that we are absolutely complicit in some situations that hold us back, we take part in them. Maybe not in a conscious and willing way, but by complaining about it, rather than acting on it or walking away. I’ve done it; more than once, and so have you.

Ask yourself, “what do I get from feeling like this?” Is it beneficial to you in any way to feel twisty and upset about this person, this situation, and the bad feelings it generates? Write down your feelings and if they are all negative (and I suspect they will be), tear up the paper they’re written on and start from scratch.

So, here’s the trick. Just forgive.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to like the person who has wronged you. It just means that they’re not living rent-free in your head any more. You’re not condoning bad behaviour, you’re maintaining your well being. So, wave away the person or thing that’s causing you pain, along with your best wishes, and let go. Visualisation works here and I always imagine myself high above them in a hot air balloon. Whatever works for you, do it.

Forgiveness heals all sorts of situations and clears the way for the good stuff for you. The person who has wronged you most likely doesn’t give you a second thought, in fact, may not have realised you’re hurt. You’re doing all the carrying of heavy baggage. So, what would it feel like to put it down?

What opportunities will be open to you? How much money can it make you because you’re more positive and grounded and happier? If your forgiveness involves a situation over money, then you need to make this happen so that you can be open to more prosperity in your business.

Forgiveness isn’t instant, it takes work, and some gritting of teeth. But just do it and see how much good stuff comes your way. We get what we give. Worth remembering.

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