Go, Do, Create and Originate!

If you are like me you have a creative personality, but you may feel like there is no way for you to be successful. In today’s society if you do not have a degree in business or a B.S. in mechanical engineering you feel inadequate. There seems to be no place for you in the job market and your valuable skills as a creative person are squashed because you put them aside for more practical skills.

My advice to you is this; do not to put them aside. Use them. Do what you were born to do. Go. Do. Create and originate. There is no reason for you to hold back. The most successful people were the innovators of their time: Walt Disney, Phil Knight, Steve Jobs, Bill gates, the list goes on. Do not feel inadequate because you are a creative person. Feel lucky that you were blessed with such an extraordinary gift, and use it.

I know that sometimes we put things off because we do not have the time. We say “someday I’ll do this” or “someday I’ll do that” but then we never do them. You have good ideas now, do not put them off. Do not wait for retirement or perfect timing. There may not even be a practical job available for you in today’s job market. Stop waiting for a good job to come around and create one for yourself using the skills you already have. There is nothing holding you back but yourself. Do not let the doubts and the tricks your own mind plays on you hold you down. Change your way of thinking. Change your attitude and move forward.

Also, do not become over worried about your “success”. Focus on your creations and the work you want to produce. Worry about the quality of your work or your next idea. If, you spend time fretting about how much money you are making or not making you will have no time left to worry about your work. Just do, create and make your dream a reality. Leave your worries behind in the dust and open your world to an ocean of possibilities.

Spend your life doing what you really want to do and start today. There is no better day. The first step may be the most difficult but you must start somewhere and you can start right where you are. Do not hesitate but go boldly into your future. Do not hold back any longer. Do not keep those things inside but release your ideas upon the world and become a success to yourself. Go. Do. Create and originate!

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