How Do Energy Stones Work?

Energy Stones today are being embraced by a large number of people and have even excited the interest of the scientific community. These stones can help people come over emotional hurt, mental hurdles and even chronic illnesses. The inherent energy of the stones brings about such unprecedented and exciting changes. So how does the stone do it? What is the secret behind its powers?

It is a scientific fact that all matter is energy in physical form. Energy stones are no different. They are formed over millions of years, under very high pressure. This causes the stones to embody large and intense concentrations of electro-magnetic energy. This very energy is used to enhance the human body’s innate energy.

Each type of stone has its own unique energy. This energy is derived from their absolutely perfect crystalline structures, colours, shapes and textures. All these facets have special and important meanings. The stones’ energy has a narrow focus, and it only works in a particular area by strengthening a particular energy of the human body with which it resonates. They not only strengthen energies but also bring about a balance between the stronger and weaker energies. Such a balance is an ideal state towards achieving contentment.

The power of such an energy stone depends on its shape, quality and purity.

The shape of a stone has a major influence on the way it radiates and transmits energy, thus also influencing its balancing and healing properties. The circular or spherical shape is considered to be the most sacred and ideal of all shapes. This shape is a well-known and widely accepted symbol of the cycle of life and death. This cycle of life is what continuously transmits the universal life force, i.e. energy. Cutting a gemstone into a circular shape substantially increases its ability to correct energy imbalances in the human body.

The quality of a particular energy stone enormously affects its ability to resonate with the particular energies of the human body. For such energy balancing method to be effective, quality of the stone has to be of the highest order. Gemstones with poor clarity, dull colours and containing impurities are the very sources of negative energies, which we want to get rid of. The physical quality of the stone determines the degree to which it can express its true energies and balancing properties.

One should try and find stones with the best character, colour, clarity, cut and cleanliness. Doing so will help an individual get the most benefit out of a stone.

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