Does Your Perspective Need Tweaking?

I was enjoying lunch the other day with a friend at Paymon’s Mediterranean Grill on Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas. This restaurant has been around for years and has some great food and the service has always been excellent. It’s a great locals hangout and many business lunches have been conducted at this place.

We were discussing what had happened in our past as far as business, our successes and failures. I say failures because there is no shame in saying you failed because it’s the exact opposite of success. The definition of fail according to the dictionary is to not succeed. It doesn’t mean you are a failure. On the road to success, you may fail many times and that’s okay. It develops character and strength.

As we were discussing my situation, she suggested I look at it from a different perspective which I would like to share with you. Instead of being upset that something was lost or that it failed, and focusing on the failed part of the business, she suggested that I look at the business I created and find all the blessings that came out of creating and running it. It was something that prepared me for what my next phase in my life, purpose and career was to be. I gained much from having this business and I was blessed as well as I blessed many others who were a part of this business.

As I pondered that little tweak of a different perspective, I realized that can apply to all areas of our lives. We often say that the event that happened that we perceive is negative is actually a blessing. However, how many times do we really bless the thing we just lost or failed at. It was this simple adjustment of how to look at something that made a big difference to me.Is there something in your life that you lost or failed? Perhaps you have a relationship that had gone sour or the job you have is not what you really want. Instead of looking at what was lost or what you don’t like about the situation, look at it from a different perspective. Look at the positive qualities or experiences you gained from the experience. Start seeing the benefits and blessings of what the event gave you. When you look at things from a different perspective, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see.

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